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Some of the frequently visited facilities near Tokyo Flute Space
(please refer to the official information of the respective facilities as well)

Commercial facilities including shops and restaurants
< Tokyo Midtown > (3 minutes’ walk)
Not only the interior which exhibits the exquisite mix of Japanese and western styles, it is full of artistry in seasonal decorations and illumination. Included are Suntory Museum of Art, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, FUJIFILM SQUARE and Billboard Live TOKYO, Hinokicho Park (municipal) is just behind Midtown Garden.
< Roppongi Hills > (10 minutes’ walk)
With a major cinema complex, Mori Art Museum, The SKY DECK to enjoy the city view, and Mohri Garden, there are so much more to Roppongi Hills than “just" the latest shops and restaurants that are already tempting enough to visit.
< Akasaka Sacas > (14 minutes’ walk)
Once hosted Akasaka Blitz, the live house, and Akasaka ACT Theater, the premises and its neighbourhood will undergo a major redevelopment until around 2028.  You can of course still enjoy shopping and dining at Biz Tower until then. It is directly connected to Akasaka Station (Chiyoda Line), so hopping onto the metro for one station is also an option.

Roppongi Art Triangle (*), photography and ancient arts, just to name a few.
< Suntory Museum of Art > (*) (3minutes’ walk to Tokyo Midtown)
Beside exhibiting some of the very finest collections including designated National Treasure, Suntory Museum of Art has lots of ongoing educational programs and workshops. Located in the 3rd floor of Tokyo Midtown.
< Fujifilm Square > (3minutes’ walk to Tokyo Midtown)
Consisting of Photo Salon, Mini Gallery and Photo History Museum, Fujifilm Square offers its visitors a rare occasion to have a look at historical documents and a variety of photographic arts. Free admission except some seminars, situated at the 1st floor of Tokyo Midtown West.
< The National Art Center, Tokyo > (*) (4 minutes’ walk, direct access from Nogizaka Station)
One major exhibition after another, both domestic and international. Entrance available at Exit 6 of Nogizaka Station, or at the main gate nearer to Tokyo Midtown.
< Mori Art Museum (*)/ Mori Arts Center Gallery > (10 minutes’ walk to Roppongi Hills)
With the emphasis on contemporary arts, Mori Art Museum / Art Center Gallery highlight art in daily lives. Located in 53rd floor (Art Museum) and 52nd floor (Art Center Gallery).
< Nezu Museum > (14 minutes’ walk)
On top of its fabulous collection of Japanese and oriental ancient arts, the Japanese-style garden with striking seasonal beauty awaits the visitors.
< Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum > (16 minutes’ walk)
Former residence / atelier of the artist (1911-1996) who spent nearly 50 years here. The well-known garden is packed with his artworks, and the atelier, which displays the place of his creations, shouldn’t be missed. (nearest station: Omotesando, 8 minutes’ walk)

Information on recommended restaurants available at Tokyo Flute Space.

< Suntory Hall >
Arguably one of the most representative concert halls in Japan. Approx. 15 minutes’ walk or a short bus ride from Roppongi Station (6 minutes to Akasaka Ark Hills). By taxi minimum 5 minutes (from Tokyo Flute Space / depending on traffic).
< Blue Note Tokyo >
A jazz club whose schedule is packed with top artists. 16 minutes’ walk or a short bus ride from Roppongi Station (6 minutes to Minami-aoyama 7 chome). By taxi minimum 6 minutes (from TFS / depending on traffic).