The owner welcomes you, and introduces himself.

Thank you for visiting the website of Tokyo Flute Space.
Prior to launching this repair workshop here in Akasaka, Tokyo, where tradition meets innovation, I used to work for a manufacturer of musical instruments.
I have spent almost the entire period as a staff member, which spanned over 10 years, working as a specialised flute maker / repair technician in the atelier for wind instruments. The mission included artist services consisting of adjustment, repair, modification works on instruments for professional musicians all over Europe, as well as involvement in developing handmade flutes mainly as a prototype headjoint maker.
It was very fortunate for me to have been associated in product development, making prototypes and customised instruments, along with repair works followed by trials with top flute players in Europe’s renowned concert halls, especially when I was still in my twenties and early thirties.
Another good fortune awaited me back in Japan; establishing a workshop of my own.
For those who play the flute as a hobby, Tokyo Flute Space assists you to lead your wonderful lifestyle.
For those in the professional field, it supports you to achieve your best possible result, letting you concentrate on music without worrying about instruments.
The expertise, highly appreciated and proven by a number of fine flute players for more than a decade, is at your disposal.