Explanation of how your booking proceeds (booking - visit - repair - payment)

(1) Please let the staff know of your preferred dates.
* Please contact Tokyo Flute Space by one of your preferred methods;  e-mail or phone (enquiry form also available but in Japanese only).  Contact information can also be found here.
* If you are facing specific problems or difficulties on your instrument, please do include them so that the appropriate solutions can be offered.
* Correspondence from Tokyo Flute Space can get filtered, depending on your individual mail settings, so that you do not find them in your inbox.  Please make sure that your configuration is appropriate to receive mails from the above address (found in the header area of this page).
2) Date will be confirmed with an initial repair plan.
* The staff will confirm the booking.  Whenever possible, approximate plan for the repair will be presented at this point, however detailed quotation can only be given upon your visit, when a complete assessment is carried out.
* Please inform the staff if you have specific concert engagements in mind and / or budget for the repair. Tokyo Flute Space will give its best to find a suitable solution. Also, please feel free to ask any questions on your instrument as you will be consulted by the repairer himself, not only upon your visit but already at the time of booking.
3) Booking completed.
* Every booking at Tokyo Flute Space will be made with a time frame (e.g. "from A o’clock to B o’clock at longest”).  The return date will also be set when you book.
* At the same time the complete address of Tokyo Flute Space, together with suggested directions, will be offered.

< Before the repair work starts >
(4) A detailed quotation will be offered.
* Upon your visit, current condition of the instrument will be inspected in detail. Your personal preference will of course be taken into account, when the staff makes a tailored repair plan for you. The price range will also be proposed at this stage, please feel free to discuss the upper limit if you wish to set.
(5) Repair plan / return date will be confirmed.
* As soon as you agree with the plan, the exact return date will be confirmed and the repair work will commence accordingly.
< Repair work completed >
(6) You will receive the instrument as previously agreed.
* Tokyo Flute Space recommends you to try the repaired instruments in the sound-proof cabin you find in the workshop. There are many personal details on flute set-up, please consult with the staff for details.
< Payment >
* The bill can be balanced either by cash (Japanese Yen) or credit card (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover).
* Within the confines of each credit limit and agreement with card issuer, the following electric payments are accepted: most IC cards issued by the Japanese railway companies / iD / nanaco / Rakuten Edy / WAON, as well as contactless payments using credit card.